Winter Hair – What You Need To Know

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Winter hair

Unfortunately, thanks to the massive dip in humidity, very few people are able to escape the perils of dry hair during the wintertime. That is, unless you take action before the winter chill really takes hold, of course! Here are our tips for avoiding a straw-like mess and enjoying beautiful, healthy hair all year round…. Read more »

Looking After Your Scalp In Winter

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Looking After Your Scalp in Winter

Looking After Your Scalp in Winter – aside from dry hair, one of the most common complaints during wintertime is that of the fear of wearing dark tops and jackets, in order to avoid the white flakes. Sadly, we aren’t talking about soft white snowflakes falling gently around us, but rather the arid ‘D’ word… Read more »

Autumn Hair In The Highveld

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Autumn Hair Highveld

If you have curly hair and have ever been to Durban for a holiday in the summertime, you will know full well what high humidity can do to your locks (Diana Ross has nothing on that ‘fro that you sported during the December holidays last year!). However, if you live in the Highveld, you will… Read more »

Different Signs for Different Types of Hair Loss

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Different Types of Hair Loss

As most of us know, hair loss can be caused by a variety of different things from stress and illness to genetics and everything in between. However, did you know that the main areas of your scalp on which you are experiencing the hair loss can be indicative of its primary cause? Here’s what to… Read more »

Hereditary Hair Loss – Following In Grandpa’s Shoes?

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Hereditary Hair Loss

If you find that you’re experiencing premature hair loss, as in far sooner than you’d ever hoped to, it’s easy to turn around and blame mom, dad… or even grandpa! The question is, just how big of a role does genetics play when it comes to premature balding? We investigate below. The Unfortunate Truth Before… Read more »