7 Stages of Hair Loss – When Do You Need To Worry?

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7 Stages of Hair Loss

Every time you brush your hair and notice a little more hair fall than usual, you probably freak out and start panicking about what you’re going to do when you inevitably start to look like Dr Phil. Breathe! A certain amount of hair loss is normal, especially as we age, go through stressful periods of… Read more »

Laser Therapy – What to Expect

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Laser Therapy What to Expect

So you’ve booked your first laser therapy session and are probably feeling two dominant emotions. Firstly, you’re excited about being able to sport an awesome new ‘do in the coming months… but you’re also slightly anxious about what to expect. Will it hurt? How many sessions will you need to attend? What exactly does the… Read more »

How Is The Cause of Hair Loss Determined?

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Cause of Hair Loss Determined

Before you embark upon the journey of hair loss treatment, your consultant will focus his / her attention on determining the actual cause behind your unwanted ‘new look’. Usually, this process will include an analysis of your medical history, a physical exam and, if necessary, blood tests. Medical and Hair Loss History To begin with,… Read more »

Things You Didn’t Know Could Cause Hair Loss

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Cause Hair Loss

Most of us know that stress and genetics are the main culprits behind hair loss. However, there are a few lesser known (or avoided) causes that we ought to educate ourselves on before deciding on the treatment that’s best for us. Fungal Infections Fungal infections can wreak havoc on your crowning glory. Tinea Capitis, also… Read more »