Alopecia: The Word Is Way More Fun than the Condition

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alopecia totalis

Alopecia is one of those words that rolls off your tongue. Al-O-Peesh-A. It’s kind of fun to say. But, the condition itself is rarely fun to deal with. It’s not just one condition. There are a few different types of Alopecia that fall under the umbrella term. And, the early symptoms tend to overlap making… Read more »

Can Colouring Your Hair Cause Hair Loss?

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Concept Colouring Hair

Once, it was almost unheard of to dye or colour your hair for the sake of your appearance. Whether you were prematurely grey or you just fancied a change, it didn’t matter. That’s hardly the case today. Now, teens colour their hair for the fun of it and it’s relatively normal for anyone over 30… Read more »

Can Your Flu Cause Hair Loss?

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Can Your Flu Cause Hair Loss

Hopefully, you got yourself a flu shot this year. As they say every year, this is going to be an especially nasty year for the illness. And, while you think the red soreness of your nose after sneezing, the coughing fits and the achy fever are the end of it, we’ve got some more painful… Read more »