Avoid Bad Hair Days This Winter! Winter Hair Care Guide

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Winter hair care

You know it’s winter when you’re almost afraid to step out of the shower in the morning. No matter how warm that water was, you’re hit by an icy blast as soon as you pull back the curtain. And then, there’s the challenge of getting ready for work with the lights low on the horizon… Read more »

Winter Hair Trends

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women hair | hair clinic International

Best Winter hair trends you can wear now   The South African Winter Hair Trends You Need to Know It’s getting cold out there. Suddenly, you’re searching for the perfect jersey to snuggle into and grabbing the warmest socks in the drawer every morning. But, just because the nights are longer and mornings are more… Read more »

My Child’s Hair is Falling Out! Eeeek!

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my child's hair is falling out

We know how it is. You would suffer anything for your children; you don’t want them to experience any real pain. And kids can be nasty too (whether they know it or not). It’s difficult for them to empathise with others; they don’t know their words hurt. If your school-age child is losing his/her hair,… Read more »