Pattern Baldness Might Be Hereditary, but It’s Not Always Your Mom’s Fault

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receding hairline

There’s a nasty rumour going around that pattern baldness is the mother’s fault. And, it might be; a primary cause of this type of hair loss is genetics. But, if you recall your biology lessons correctly, you’ll remember that babies pull (the dominant or double recessive) genes from both parents. You can’t always blame your… Read more »

Seasonal Hair Loss: You Might Lose More Hair in May

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seasonal hair loss

But you shouldn’t worry about it. Of course, we know that you’ll worry about any hair loss, at any time. So, we’ll try to put your mind at rest as quickly as we can. After all, we don’t want to frighten you (and, we want you to stress less too). Temporary hair loss might just… Read more »

Sometimes It Really Is Stress

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stress and hair loss

You’ve heard the phrase “tearing your hair out”, right? And you know that means someone is stressed. Unfortunately, many people can say this quite literally. Stress, when you’re suffering with it, can be exasperating to describe. It’s an emotional pressure that can come from any quarter. When work doesn’t go well, you stress. If you’re… Read more »

Hair Loss: Stop Suffering in Silence

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We know you waited until your partner left to pick up something from the shop. Or, you cleverly angled your laptop away from your colleagues so they wouldn’t catch you researching hair loss. And, we know that you don’t have much time so that we won’t keep you. Somewhere deep inside, you know that there’s… Read more »