“I want to thank all the wonderful ladies at HCISA for treating me for my hair loss with care, concern, and professionalism. I have experienced a lot of re-growth of new and stronger hair throughout my scalp with the most visible area… Thank You HCI for giving me my confidence back. The proof is in the Picturehttps://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/ff1/1/16/1f4af.png💯 ✔ You Guys Are Amazing https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f75/1/16/1f618.png😘 

The R4000 payment or whatever amount depending on the extent of hairloss is nothing compared to the benefits that you will reap. I started my treatment late in november last year. I was reluctant to pay that kind of amount because I thought after having tried so many things/ products; natural and man-made without any success, what was going to be different this time around. Little did I know that consulting and receiving the treatment from Hair Clinic International would be my ticket to get my confidence back. I had hairline problem and it stole my self-esteem big time. I would only allow my hairdresser to style my hair in a way that would hide the problem but that wasn’t the solution. Now I can proudly tell you that my hairline is coming back with an oomph ! I am regaining my confidence and I am so loving the new me. Thank you Hair Clinic International!

Rabelani Makuya

I went to the Hair Clinic initially to fix and rebuild my ailing hairline. The rest of my hair is healthy and thriving but my hairline was depressing. My consultation was not invasive or judgmental, I was met with understanding and amazing advise. I have been doing laser treatments for 3 months now and I have NO regrets at all. The staff is so helpful and they continuously give me advise on how to grow my hairline. I have had amazing results and I can’t wait for the remaining 3 months. if you are considering these treatments, please do not hesitate.
– Wendy Parkies

From a very young age, I used to having my hair braided, not only to look nice but to have it neat and tidy for school.

So as the years went by I continued to braid and started with weaves too.

I noticed my hair line was thinning but did kept plaiting to hide it. Meanwhile it was doing more damage because as you may know, when the ladies who plait our hair have pull on it as they want to get every strand of hair in, but it puts a lots of strain on the hair.


5 months ago I started the treatment. I have gotten the best results.

It does take a lot of patience and in order for the treatment to work you need to stick to the treatment as advised.

I didn’t just get my hairline back, my hair is thicker too.

I am very happy with the results and recommend it to all the ladies who have the same problem.

I started losing my hair around my crown when I was 16, by the time I was 22 I was completely bald on the top of my head.


I always wore caps so I could hide it. I stayed away from clubs and places that I couldn’t wear a cap. I was very athletic and did tons of sports but this stopped when I lost the confidence to participate. I lost the majority of my 20’s, the prime of my life, because my hair loss restricted me. I lost my job as a sales manager due to a lack of confidence. I was in my twenties and looked like I was in my forties.
I was laughed at in a club because I was “an old man trying to be young” I was only 24.
I couldn’t take it, I was single with no chance of finding a girlfriend…. Until I went to HCI and did the Hair Replacement Program.
I now have my self esteem back. I landed a great job, I’m playing sports again and I’m the guy that ladies chat up. I can now do all the things that I missed in my twenties.
I only regret one thing…. That I didn’t go see HCI sooner