Alopecia: The Word Is Way More Fun than the Condition

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Alopecia is one of those words that rolls off your tongue. Al-O-Peesh-A. It’s kind of fun to say. But, the condition itself is rarely fun to deal with. It’s not just one condition. There are a few different types of Alopecia that fall under the umbrella term. And, the early symptoms tend to overlap making… Read more »

Can Colouring Your Hair Cause Hair Loss?

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Once, it was almost unheard of to dye or colour your hair for the sake of your appearance. Whether you were prematurely grey or you just fancied a change, it didn’t matter. That’s hardly the case today. Now, teens colour their hair for the fun of it and it’s relatively normal for anyone over 30… Read more »

Can Your Flu Cause Hair Loss?

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Hopefully, you got yourself a flu shot this year. As they say every year, this is going to be an especially nasty year for the illness. And, while you think the red soreness of your nose after sneezing, the coughing fits and the achy fever are the end of it, we’ve got some more painful… Read more »

Can the Way You Sleep Cause Traction Alopecia?

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Anyone with more than a centimeter of fuzz on their head has woken to find their hair disheveled and sticking out in every direction. And, you can’t use that as a sign that you’ve slept well or not. Sometimes you toss and turn in a state of almost sleeplessness – and sometimes you move around… Read more »

Why Does Hair Go Grey?

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Young children associate grey hair with age. They tend to think that people with a lot of silver strands are ancient. Of course, everyone seems timeworn when you can count your age on two hands. And, it is true that grey hair is associated with age; except now you know that you don’t need to… Read more »

8 Foods That Actually Promote Hair Growth

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Hair loss can happen for a myriad of reasons – and vitamin deficiency is one of them. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean being locked in a single room, eating nothing but pre-prepared foods under artificial lights for many years. But, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that what you put into your body has an… Read more »

Caring for Your Hair Extensions This Winter

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As the calendar creeps into June, your whole routine changes. You have to force your feet over the edge of the bed to stand in the colder temperatures. Instead of a cup of tea as you wander through the garden, you’re huddled over it, cupping that mug as though it was your lifeblood. Dressing for… Read more »

Can the Cold Cause You to Lose Your Hair?

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Your scalp feels dry and itchy. Every day, you grab a hat to keep yourself warm on the commute to work (or even all day if your workplace is on the cold side). And, in the back of your mind, you remember someone once told you that you’ll lose more hair in winter. Are you?… Read more »

Avoid Bad Hair Days This Winter! Winter Hair Care Guide

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You know it’s winter when you’re almost afraid to step out of the shower in the morning. No matter how warm that water was, you’re hit by an icy blast as soon as you pull back the curtain. And then, there’s the challenge of getting ready for work with the lights low on the horizon… Read more »

Winter Hair Trends

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Best Winter hair trends you can wear now   The South African Winter Hair Trends You Need to Know It’s getting cold out there. Suddenly, you’re searching for the perfect jersey to snuggle into and grabbing the warmest socks in the drawer every morning. But, just because the nights are longer and mornings are more… Read more »