Tips for Travelling when you’re in Therapy

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So you’re going on holiday soon after you have started your hair loss therapy and you’re worried about the impact that it might have on your final results? Don’t stress. As long as you follow these 5 simple tips, there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be able to, erm, let your hair down… Read more »

Hot Summer – Highveld Hair, what you need to know

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Unfortunately, due to a lack of humidity, maintaining sleek, glossy hair during the Joburg summer months can be as much of a challenge as staying calm in peak traffic. Luckily, the Hair Clinic International has some tips for you to keep in mind so that you can let your hair down with pride this festive… Read more »

Can Chlorine Speed Up Your Hair Loss?

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On those scorching hot summer days, there is little more tempting than diving head first into the pool (if of course you are a ‘water babe’!). However, if you are suffering from hair loss or have recently received hair loss treatment, it’s likely that you will have been bombarded by advice from other sufferers and… Read more »

Common Scalp Conditions: Know the Difference

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Dandruff is the pits. It’s itchy, annoying and at times, down-right embarrassing. Dry scalp? It’s just as bad – uncomfortable and unwelcome! The good news is that both of these ailments are easily treatable with the correct diagnosis, and at Hair Clinic International we are here to offer both advice and treatment. The most common… Read more »

Hair Loss Prevention is better than cure!

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As with many ailments in life – prevention is always better than trying to cure, and that is why we suggest adopting a proactive approach to keeping your scalp and hair in tip-top condition in the years ahead. At Hair Clinic International we recommend regular check-ups and will assist with tailor-made solutions to any of… Read more »

Hair loss is not the end…

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Hair loss, hair thinning and baldness is not the end of the world, though it may seem like it for those in the midst of what many consider to be a traumatic experience. Whether you are a 30-year old male, or a 50-something female, losing your hair may seem devastating and unfair, but in today’s… Read more »

Hair Clinic International Nominated for 2 AHA Awards

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It is with great pride and excitement that we share the news of our nominations – that’s right, not one, but two nominations for 2016! The Hair Clinic International has officially been nominated for the very prestigious titles of Best Newcomer and Best Treatments,and we couldn’t be more delighted with our achievements. This is the… Read more »

Cicatricial Alopecia: It’s Not Your Father’s Baldness

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Everyone’s hair loss is different. Even “Male Pattern Baldness” which has a standard-sounding ring to it affects people differently and at different times. And, even if you’re expecting hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, you can’t expect yours to play out the same as the person next to you in the treatment room.  … Read more »

PRP Therapy and Laser Treatments

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PRP Therapy and Laser Treatments

PRP Therapy and Laser Treatments: Will It Work for You?   The world takes hair loss seriously. We feel it acutely, of course, as we’re on the front lines combating hair loss. We see the emotional effects of this physical condition day-in and day-out. But, we’re not the only ones with a stake in changing… Read more »

How Hair Clinic Can Help You

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It’s easy to think that our main goal is to stop hair loss and (hopefully) get it growing again. We’re not surprised when new customers believe it.   But, that’s just what we do.   Our main goal is to return your self esteem, which (like the character of Samson) is very often tied to… Read more »