Hereditary Hair Loss – are you Following in Grandpa’s Shoes?

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If you find that you’re experiencing premature hair loss, as in far sooner than you’d ever hoped to, it’s easy to turn around and blame mom, dad… or even grandpa! The question is, just how big of a role does genetics play when it comes to premature balding? We investigate below. The Unfortunate Truth Before… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions about Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

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Chemotherapy, a type of cancer treatment using cytostatics, is known to cause hair loss in a number of patients. Below, we answer a few frequently asked questions about chemotherapy and hair loss so that you know what to expect throughout your journey to new-found health. Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss? Chemotherapy works by targeting… Read more »

Hair Loss Caused by Illness

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As most of us know, the most common types of hair loss are, in large part, hereditary. However, our genes are not the only things that can lead to balding. There are many diseases and illnesses that can have a detrimental effect on our tresses – and sudden thinning of the hair or hair loss… Read more »

Are Mom’s Genes to Blame for Your Hair Loss?

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We’re not talking about overbearing mothers who push you to the point of wanting to rip out your own hair with all of their nagging and ‘well-meaning advice’. We’re talking about actual genetics that may, in fact, be linked to your hair loss. Over the years, people have come to believe that if a man… Read more »

Does Cutting Your Hair Make it Grow Faster?

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If longer, thicker hair is what you are hoping to achieve, the chances are high that you have already been told by more than one person (possibly even a professional hairdresser) that you will see faster results if you start cutting or trimming your hair on a more regular basis. The question is, is this… Read more »

What Types of Hair Loss Respond Best to Laser Therapy?

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If you’re suffering from hair loss, you’re likely suffering from a loss of confidence too. If this is the case, the chances are good that you have done some research on the possible treatments available in an effort to find a solution. From PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy to Mesotherapy, and many others that might… Read more »

Hair Washing & Drying Myths you Possibly Still Believe

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From dandruff causing hair loss to using vinegar to treat oily tresses, there have been and still are countless myths circulating about hair care at any given time – and most of us probably still believe them to be true! Luckily, you have Hair Clinic International on your side to help straighten things out… Washing… Read more »

The 7 Stages of Hair Loss – When Do You Need to Worry?

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Every time you brush your hair and notice a little more hair fall than usual, you probably freak out and start panicking about what you’re going to do when you inevitably start to look like Dr Phil. Breathe! A certain amount of hair loss is normal, especially as we age, go through stressful periods of… Read more »

Laser Therapy: What to Expect

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So you’ve booked your first laser therapy session and are probably feeling two dominant emotions. Firstly, you’re excited about being able to sport an awesome new ‘do in the coming months… but you’re also slightly anxious about what to expect. Will it hurt? How many sessions will you need to attend? What exactly does the… Read more »

How is the Cause of Hair Loss Determined?

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Before you embark upon the journey of hair loss treatment, your consultant will focus his / her attention on determining the actual cause behind your unwanted ‘new look’. Usually, this process will include an analysis of your medical history, a physical exam and, if necessary, blood tests. Medical and Hair Loss History To begin with,… Read more »